"I like the dirty, I like the wicked and I like a really nasty Hero. Sordid delivered this and so much more. This book blew me away and I’m definitely a Nikki Sloane fan."

--Jacqueline's Reads

"For those of us who very much enjoy the dark reads, Sloane has produced an absolute masterpiece. It is beautifully-written, absolutely filthy and speaks to the darkest place in the back of your mind."

--Summer's Eve Reads

"This is one of those books that I would love to give more stars to...Goodness...It was amazing! I just wanted to start over and read again, cuz it was that freaking good!!"

--iScream Books

The Blindfold Club Series

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It Takes Two

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Three Simple Rules

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Three Hard Lessons

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One More Rule

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Three Little Mistakes

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Three Dirty Secrets